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Solutions for Effective Reputation Protection
ABBL Consulting offer assistance in every phase of reputation crises, whether in prevention, investigation, or remediation.

More Efficient

We contribute to cost savings through targeted approaches, clear scope definition, progress monitoring, and efficient deployment of resources, ultimately freeing up valuable internal resources.

More Effective

Our expertise accelerates the process and ensures clear endpoints, reducing complexity and focusing on core issues. Our independence fosters trust and collaboration among all stakeholders.

More Resilient

We enhance the quality of work through experience-based evaluations and opportunity/risk assessments. This increased certainty helps you assess results accurately and communicate them transparently.


Solutions for Effective Reputation Protection

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, the threat to your reputation can come without warning. Suspicions of irregularities, economic scandals, or fraudulent actions can tarnish a reputation painstakingly built over time, leading to dire consequences. It seems like the probability of these unpredictable crises has increased in recent years.

The landscape in which businesses operate has become more challenging. Increasing external regulations, competition, and the rapid spread of information have created an environment where reputations are both fragile and critical. Moreover, internal factors within a company, such as complex compliance requirements and the temptation to take shortcuts, contribute to the risk.

Recovering from a damaged reputation can be slow and costly. Investigations and corrective actions can be lengthy and uncertain, making it crucial to prioritize reputation protection.

ABBL Consulting intervenes at every crisis stage, ensuring efficiency and risk mitigation. We align communication, rebuild trust, and manage costs effectively. With our targeted advice and quick results, we strengthen your reputation when it matters most.

Andreas Loetscher

Founder & CEO


How We Support You

For Corporate Boards

Advising and ensuring efficient execution of work, lower costs, and appropriate assessment and communication.

For Internal Functions

Supporting Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance, and Legal with expert knowledge, assessments, and task execution.

For Service Providers

Complementing professional service firms, specialists, independent experts, and law firms with expertise in specific issues and resource augmentation.

For Law Firms and Lawyers

Assisting in the assessment of allegations, risk evaluation, and evidence examination.


About Andreas Loetscher

Andreas Loetscher is a highly qualified expert with extensive experience in the financial sector. He witnessed one of Germany’s biggest economic scandals. Despite his years of experience and critical attitude, he did not suspect the comprehensive management fraud that unfolded.

With over 25 years of international experience in finance, accounting, risk management, compliance, M&A, and auditing, Andreas Loetscher possesses unparalleled expertise. His unique combination of knowledge and experience as an auditor, manager, board member, and affected person makes him the ideal partner to guide you through reputation crises.

At ABBL Consulting we’re committed to helping you safeguard your reputation and navigate through crises with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you in preventing, investigating, and remediating fraudulent actions.